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Since 1996, Acupuncture Adelaide has led the effort to promote painless acupuncture as a safe and effective natural treatment to tens of thousands of Australians.

Regain Your Health Through Painless Acupuncture

Welcome to Adelaide City Acupuncture. We are acupuncture Adelaide clinic and conveniently accessible. Here, our professionals know that health is not just about physical fitness: it’s about having balanced and harmonised physical and mental health. It’s about prolonging the pure joy of keeping away from ailments!

Our Mission At Acupuncture Adelaide

At City Acupuncture Adelaide Clinic, our mission is to help our patients accomplish their goals of having a balanced and harmonised physical and mental health in a painless, compassionate, and efficient way.

We aim to serve our patients in a safe environment while offering them comprehensive natural healthcare. Also, our Professionals understand that many people have anxiety about needling treatment. Therefore, we created Painless Acupuncture combining traditional needling and laser acupuncture that takes your fears away.

Best Acupuncture Services In Town

Our soothing environment and online scheduling system that never keeps you waiting long in our Adelaide acupuncture clinic. By combining the latest technology with traditional techniques, we give our patients the best care in town.

Please check below acupuncture and Chinese medicine programmes we are offering. We cannot wait to show you how amazing that acupuncture and help you unleash your healing potential. Do Not Wait And Suffer, Call us now at (08) 8221 5880 or Make A Booking Online.

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Pain relief while you are in the session at City Acupuncture Adelaide Clinic. We use evidence-based acupuncture achieved quick and lasting pain relief. As a result, our Painless Acupuncture programme treats acute and chronic pain such as a migraine, gout, neck, should and back pain, neuralgia, shingles. Most importantly, we have achieved a satisfactory result through our unique Painless Acupuncture programme.

Unleash your potential ability of natural pregnancy at our City Acupuncture Adelaide Clinic. We help with both IVF preparation and couples who are trying to have a baby naturally. By regulating internal hormonal, period cycle, ovary, fallopian tube and uterus functions. We have helped our clients realise their dream since 1996.

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We offer non-invasive and chemical free treatment from our City Acupuncture Adelaide Clinic for the facelift, wrinkle reduction and skin replenishment. For skin disorders, such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, alopecia, we have developed a patent herbal formula to help skin regenerate and get better nourishment. In other words, these methods are so unique in treating those disorders and achieved satisfactory results.

Get less stress, better energy, no more grumpy and sleep like a baby. We, at City Acupuncture Adelaide Clinic, help people get less stressed from a fast-paced lifestyle and stressful work. Say goodbye to poor sleep, anxiety and depression. Painless acupuncture helps you be yourself again.

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